NWCN Ebulletin 16 March 2022

1 National Lottery Awards for All
2 Thriving Minds Fund
3 Holiday Grants for Children 2022
4 Review of the Strategic Growth Plan: Upcoming Events
5 Community Wealth Building: What Next?
6 Building Leaders, Building Peace: A Grassroots Leadership Programme
7 FREE Level 3 Tackling Substance Misuse
8 Child Sexual Exploitation Training (Level 1)
9 Post Pandemic Poverty Symposium - Save the Date
10 School of Peace - Messines Experience Programme
11 Latest Offers from Salto Youth
12 NCEPOD Transition study - young person and parent carer online survey
13 Grow Grow Grow!
14 Loving Earth Project
15 Invite to ‘Truth Be Told’ book launch
16 Would you like to volunteer in Holywell Trust's Roof Garden?
17 Reading Rooms seeks Volunteer
18 Historic Buildings Council and Historic Monuments Council Competition

1 National Lottery Awards for All

We're open to all applications for community projects that meet our criteria. This includes support responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’re looking for ideas that:

  • bring people together and build strong relationships in and across communities
  • improve the places and spaces that matter to communities
  • help more people to reach their potential, by supporting them at the earliest possible stage

Contact us if you have an idea on 028 9055 1455 or at enquiries.ni@tnlcommunityfund.org.uk.

Funding size: £300 to £10,000
Application deadline: Ongoing

Further details available 

2 Thriving Minds Fund

YouthAction Northern Ireland is delighted to forward you details of a new funding scheme to improve the mental health support for young people and youth workers; delivered by our Nation partner, UK Youth.
  • Grants of up to £50,000 per year for 3 years;
  • For organisations with an annual income of less than £500,000;
  • For organisations whose primary work benefits children and young people;
  • Closing date 20th March 2022.
The notes below will guide you and provides the link to the application form.
Guidance Notes


 Holiday Grants for Children 2022

The purpose of the Holiday Grants programme is to provide access to recreational trips or holidays for groups of children who experience disadvantage or who have disabilities. In particular, they are interested in contributing to trips that would not take place without their funding.

Funding: They award grants of between £500 - £2,500.

Who can apply and what sort of trips do you fund?
Schools, youth groups, not for profit organisations and charities are all eligible to apply.

Applications can be made for grants towards a single trip, which could be a day trip or a longer residential of up to seven days in length.

Application deadline for the next round is 30 April 22.



4 Review of the Strategic Growth Plan: Upcoming Events

The Inclusive Strategic Growth Plan 2017-2032 – or Community Plan – for Derry and Strabane provides the framework for all community and strategic development until 2032, and was first published in November 2017 after an extensive co-design process.

In line with the regulations set out for all local Councils by the Department for Communities to ensure transparency and accountability, the plan is subject to review every four years. This draft review has now been completed and we are pleased to report that progress has already been identified across a significant number of the outcomes.

If this trend continues, by 2032 it’s expected that the required investment of £3.4bn in the SGP will deliver 15,100 new jobs, 10,000 additional people, £203m additional wages and £1.1bn additional GVA for Derry and Strabane.

We would love to hear your views on this work to date, and a nine-week public consultation on the content of the Draft Plan is now open, running until Friday, 15th April.

Read the draft reviewed Plan

You can contribute by completing the short questionnaire 

As part of the SGP review consultation we have arranged a number of public events as detailed in the table below

Thematic Consultation Event: Date: Time: Venue:
Economic Wellbeing 30 March 10am – 12 Noon City Hotel, Derry
Social Wellbeing 13 April 10am – 12 Noon Melvin Sports Centre, Strabane



5 Community Wealth Building: What Next?

Thursday, 24 March 2022, 13:00 – 15:00, taking place online

For this year's DTNI conference we take stock of the work we have done over the last few years in lobbying for a new economic model - community wealth building.

We assess what the next steps are for central and local government and for community anchor organisations here in the north of Ireland - how do we make meaningful advances towards embedding the community wealth building agenda in NI?

And we look to Great Britain and the U.S. and examine how CWB has progressed there and what we in NI can learn from places like Cleveland, Preston, and north Ayrshire.

We will be joined by:

  • Deirdre Hargey - Minister for Communities, Northern Ireland Executive
  • Ted Howard - CEO The Democracy Collaborative
  • Sarah Longlands - CEO Centre for Local Economic Strategies
  • Aine Gawthorpe - Director Foundation Economy, Welsh Government
  • Prof. Brendan Murtagh - School of Natural & Built Environment, Queen's University Belfast
Register now for Community Wealth Building: What Next?


6 Building Leaders, Building Peace: A Grassroots Leadership Programme

Now open for applications

We are seeking individuals (All ages) from a range of communities across Northern Ireland to take part in our Building Leaders, Building Peace: A Grassroots Leadership Programme. An exciting programme that encourages individuals to challenge themselves, as they work with people from across political and religious divides, building their resilience and confidence to help transform local communities.

The programme will last 12 months and aims to support the development of emerging community leaders whose work is focused on the regeneration of interfaces and/or communities where more concentrated peacebuilding efforts are needed. It will help develop their confidence and capacity to address division, segregation, prejudice and hate; issues that impact community cohesion and hold communities back.

Participants will commit to a range of support and development opportunities including the completion of an accredited training programme such as an ILM Level 5 in Leadership & Management and one to one mentoring support. 

Interested participants must complete a programme 
Expression of Interest and return to lorraine@communityfoundationni.org on or before the end of March 2022. For further information please contact Lorraine Morrissey McCann.

Participant Criteria 


 7 FREE Level 3 Tackling Substance Misuse

Are you currently working in the statutory or voluntary sector in Northern Ireland?
Do you encounter children or young people affected by an adult's substance use in your role?

This 12 week online course could be for you!
Facilitated by ASCERT , the course will be delivered weekly via zoom, starting 26th April 2022 10am - 4pm

For more information or to register, contact HURT on 028 7136 9696 or email 


8 Child Sexual Exploitation Training (Level 1)

This course is free to attend and will be delivered online.

Training will be delivered between April - June 2022.

This course is aimed at Health and Social Care professionals such as social workers (including students), residential care workers, CAMHS, relevant professionals who work with children and YP (Safeguarding Nurses, School Nurses, Specialist Looked After Nurses, Lead Nurses in Sexual Health Services and AHP’s).

To register your interest & take part in this training please get in touch with us at 


9  Post Pandemic Poverty Symposium - Save the Date

Wednesday 27th April 9.30 – 12.30pm

The Ulster University Social Justice Hub, in partnership with NSPCC are facilitating an online Symposium to discuss Poverty and its impact on communities in Northern Ireland.

Further details on the programme will be released shortly.

Queries contact: 


10 School of Peace - Messines Experience Programme

Conflict transformation and the Messines Experience Programme


  • OCN Level 1 Accreditation on completion of Homephase Project
  • OCN Level 2 Accreditation on completion of overseas Messines Project
  • Information evening
  • 4 facilitated Workshops
  • Site visit - Somme Centre
  • Dublin 2 day residential
  • Pre-departure Day/Evening
  • 5 days overseas in Belgium
  • Evaluation
  • Finale event

If you are interested or have any queries, please contact Geraldine.dougan@radiushousing.org / 074 8332 8455


11 Latest Offers from Salto Youth

Please see 
attached document
 for latest offers from Salto Youth:

  • Preventions Step by Step
  • Future Skills Now! - Future Play
  • GloRe Technical Training
  • Call for Trainers      


12 NCEPOD Transition study - young person and parent carer online survey

We are collecting the views of young people and parent carers on the transition process via an online survey. We wanted to make you aware that this survey is now open for completion.
The link to access this is: 
We have attached a 
poster with information for young people and parent carers about the study,. In addition to this, we have also produced leaflets with more detailed information about the study, and these can be found on the website: https://www.ncepod.org.uk/transition.html

The survey is not linked in any way to the clinical data collection. Participation by young people and parent carers in this survey is entirely voluntary and all responses collected are confidential.
There is no closing date for this survey at the moment, and we anticipate it will be open until at least May 2022.


13 Grow Grow Grow!

As you know food prices are rising fast and that is due to continue. There is also predicted to be food shortages. In order to help ourselves as individuals, and communities we can grow so much of our own food right here in our gardens or community spaces. Now is definitely the time to start. It’s seed sowing season. 
1.) Buy what ever seeds you can get that you wish to grow. Link with someone else interested in growing food crops too, and share the seed buying and sowing. You sow some of two or three varieties and get your friend /neighbour/family member  to grow another few varieties. Then swap a few of these for planting out. 
2.) You will need good seed compost too. Chose Peat-free for good environmental reasons. 
3.)  Most people have old margarine and yogurt tubs, which can be used once a few drainage holes have been made in the bottom of these. Old modular plant trays and pots can be reused for seeds sowing and even empty toilet-roll holders filled with compost and placed together in a tray.
4.) Sow only a few seeds in each pot etc. Any more is simply wasteful. More seed can be sown at in a few weeks time if you wish. Place sown seed pots on warm windowsills and keep lightly watered. 
5.) Start with leeks ASAP as they have a long growing time as well as an all winter harvesting period. Parsley, and Celery seeds too. If you can grow these three you will have soup vegetables all autumn, winter and the following spring. All you will need to add is a nice carrot. Carrots are grown locally here in the N.W. so hopefully they will be plentiful.
6.) Peas and beans varieties can also be sown indoors now in small pots or 2-3 each into a filled toilet-roll tube too. In April seeds like Kale, Cabbage Spinach and Corgettes.
7.) Hand in hand with sowing seeds is the job of finding where you will plant the vegetables out. This can be into large pots, buckets, and tubs and also old tough plastic bags rolled half way down and topped up with compost. All these containers must have drainage holes at the bottom. They must never be left to dry out either. Look after your “babies” 
8.) If you wish to plant directly into the ground that will involve a bit of digging and a rake over to form a find tilth. It is possible to sow radish, beetroot, and a variety of salad crops directly into the dug bed in mid April. There are many more vegetables that I have not mentioned here, however you can try any for yourself. 
9.) Tomatoes and cucumbers can be grown if you have access to a greenhouse or communal polytonal as many allotments have these. They will remain indoors for planting out in May. 
10.) If you are part of a community group ask them to help by bulk buying peat-free seeding and potting up compost to distribute within their community.
11.) Community groups can also start 'Garden Tool Libraries' as so many people simply do not have these, and it is not really cost-effective to get everyone to buy these before starting to grow. 
12.) Community groups can also plan for the Autumn now by seeking funding for fruit trees of all sorts and for planting community orchards on any available land. Chose a mixture of fruit trees like Apples Pears and Plums, which all grow well here. Link with NIHE and Housing Associations to get permission and plan for this. Schools can plant fruit trees too on their lands. 
13.) Planting season for fruit trees is from October coming to March the following year. Soft fruit like Raspberries, Currents, Gooseberries and Blueberries can also be planted then as can Strawberries, Rhubarb crowns can be planted in December to the end of January and are a valuable and welcome spring cropping fruit.
14.) It may be possible to get bags of compost from council for community projects, and this can be used to top up pots outdoors and top-dressing  dug beds etc. It is far too rich for seed sowing so don’t use it for that. 
I can offer advice from Holywell Trust for community groups either by emailing me at 
 or by ringing 02871261941 and leave your contact details and I’ll get back to you.

The most important thing is to start now. Seasons, like the tide, do not wait for anyone. 
14 Loving Earth Project

Bishop Street Quaker Meeting to invite you to visit the Loving Earth Project Exhibition.  
The Loving Earth Project (LEP) is an international community textile art project, initiated by Quakers in Britain.  It aims to enable people to engage creatively with the challenges of the climate crisis, without being overwhelmed. 

Participants are invited to consider how things that they love – such as people, places and creatures - are being threatened by the growing environmental breakdown.  They create textile panels which express visually aspects of their concerns.  Some text accompanies each panel, elaborating on its theme, and, in some cases, suggesting actions to be taken. 

You will find more information about the project on the 
LEP website .

The Loving Earth Exhibition and two Workshops will take place in The Playhouse, Derry/Londonderry

Exhibition times                                                                      Workshop times
Tue 5 April-Fri 8 April, 12.00-17.00                                        
Fri 8 April, 11.30-13.00
and Sat 9 April, 10.00 -15.00                                                 Sat 9 April 11.30-13.00
For more information about the exhibition and the workshops, click on the embedded links above.
If you would like to book a place on a workshop, please contact 


15 Invite to ‘Truth Be Told’ book launch

Invite to Sue Divin's ‘Truth Be Told’ book launch
Thursday 14th April, 3pm
Holywell Trust building
Free event.

Northern Ireland. 2019.
Tara has been raised by her mam and nan in Derry City. Faith lives in rural Armagh.

Their lives on opposite sides of a political divide couldn’t be more different. Until they come face-to-face with each other and are shocked to discover they look almost identical. Are they connected?

In searching for the truth about their own identities, the teenagers uncover more than they bargained for.

But what if finding out who you truly are means undermining everything you’ve ever known?

Advance Registration through link below:


16 Would you like to volunteer in Holywell Trust's Roof Garden?

Holywell Trust are seeking 4 interested people of all ages over 16yrs to volunteer for 2-3 hours one morning, or afternoon session during week days who will be trained to support the work on the Roof Garden, and to be able to guide visitors up there very soon. 
Training will be provided by experienced gardener and food grower as well as being a long term community activist Gemma Harkin on either a Tuesday or Wednesday morning between 10am and 12noon. This training will be on what we grow on the Holywell Roof Garden i.e. seasonal vegetables and some fruit crops as well as wildflowers to support pollination particularly wild bees. There is an important link between pollinators and our food production. The Roof Garden is fully accessible and a safe and beautiful space to be in. Health & Safety training will also be provided to volunteers.
Anyone wishing to volunteer can ring Holywell on 028 7126 1941 and leave their name and contact details and Gemma will contact you later. Alternatively you can email Gemma directly on 
 and she will contact you.


17 Reading Rooms seeks Volunteer

Reading Rooms at the Verbal Arts Centre are seeking a volunteer.  If you are interested and would like more information please contact Yolanda on 

Verbal - Every Story Matters


18 Historic Buildings Council and Historic Monuments Council Competition

The Department for Communities has launched a competition for the Appointment of five Members to the Historic Buildings Council and seven Members to the Historic Monuments Council.

Together, the Councils provide a range of advice to the Department to support its common purpose of supporting people, building communities and shaping places. They both have a statutory basis, with their advice specifically supporting the work of the Department’s Historic Environment Division whose aim is to help communities to enjoy and realise the value of our historic environment.

Applications are welcome from across the community, voluntary, business or public sectors particularly from women, people with a disability, people from minority ethnic groups and young people. A Guaranteed Interview Scheme is in place for those applicants with a disability.

Further details on the positions, selection criteria , responsibilities and time commitment are available on the NI Direct and Department for Communities website
 Public appointments | Department for Communities (communities-ni.gov.uk) or Public appointment vacancies | nidirect

The closing date for applications is Friday 1 April 2022 at 12 noon


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