NWCN Consultation Bulletin - October 2016

Consultation Title Organisation Closing Date Contact Name/Dept Contact Number Email / Website / Further Info
Proposals for the Provision of Strategic Support to the Voluntary and Community Sector in Northern Ireland 2017-2021 Department for Communities 02/11/16 @ 5pm Arrangements for supporting the Voluntary and Community Sector Policy and Innovation Team N/a vcd@communities-ni.gov.uk
Respond Online
Protect Life 2 - A Strategy for Suicide Prevention in the north of Ireland Department of Health 04/11/16 @ 5pm Health Improvement Branch N/a phdconsultation@ni-health.gov.uk
Equality & Inclusion Statement and Equal Opportunities Policy NIFRS 11/11/16 Caroline Smyth 028 9262 8880 caroline.smyth@nifrs.org
Proposal for the Rail Passengers’ Rights & Obligations (Designation and Enforcement) Regulations (NI) 2016 Department for Infrastructure 21/11/16 Janette Galloway 028 9054 0594 janette.galloway@infrastructure-ni.gov.uk
Proposals for the withdrawal of 2 compendia official statistics publications - ‘A profile of older people in NI’ and ‘Gender Equality Statistics’ annual
The Executive Office 22/11/16 @ 4pm N/a N/a  
Respond Online:

Draft Revised Disability Action Plan
Translink 23/11/16 Jessica Waibel 028 9027 7871 Jessica.Waibel@Translink.co.uk
Draft Local Government (Payment to Councillors) Regulations (NI) 2016 Department for Communities 30/11/16 @ 5pm Local Government Policy Division N/a lgpdfinance@communities-ni.gov.uk

Corporate Plan NICCY 09/12/16 Gillian Lavery 028 9031 1616 You can download the document, complete and post back your response to us (Gillian Lavery - NICCY - Equality House, 7-9 Shaftesbury Square, Belfast, BT2 7DP)
You can 
download the document, complete and email it back to us at gillian@niccy.org
You can complete online: 
Providing Pathways Draft Strategic Area Plan for School Provision 2017-2020
Education Authority 12/12/16 @5pm N/a 028 9069 4964 Click here to download Providing Pathways 2017-2020
here to complete the questionnaire

Customer satisfaction survey
The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland 14/12/16 Policy Team 028 3832 0220  
You can provide your feedback using any of the following methods:
Complete an online questionnaire available 
here (external link)
Customer engagement survey 2016 - response document
docx (1.52 Mb)
Email it to consult@charitycommissionni.org.uk or
Post it to Charity Commission for Northern Ireland, 257 Lough Road, Lurgan, Northern Ireland, BT66 6NQ.
The advice requirement and overseas pension transfers consultation Department for Communities 23/12/16 @ 5pm Helen Wilson N/a helen.wilson@communities-ni.gsi.gov.uk
State Pension age independent review: Interim report and consultation Department for Communities
31/12/16 @ 5pm N/a N/a spa.review@dwp.gsi.gov.uk





































There are many more Consultations open within the Department of Health, you can access them here: https://www.health-ni.gov.uk/consultations

If you are an individual or organisation who responds to or creates consultations please see link below for a copy of the Equality Coalitions's effective consultation guidance including case studies and how to complain HERE.  Some great points made in this article definitely worth a read.   


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